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11 Jul 2017

The Importance of the Correct Paper for Your Printer


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Posted By Roland H.

Having the right printer for your projects is not enough; you also need to have the correct paper for both the printer and your projects alike. Use of the wrong paper will give you a less than satisfactory end result and can even damage your printer and waste your ink stocks. Depending on what kinds of projects you do, either for yourself or for your work, you will need to have a few kinds of paper on hand and these are the most common.

Bright White Paper

Bright white paper is the most common printer paper in use; it?s the kind of paper one uses for black text. Bright white paper is used in any printer and is best for A4 type printers. It?s very affordable and is usually sold in bundles of 500, making it easy to stockpile. You may want to get recycled paper if you want to do your part for the environment; though the quality of your text will rarely change from brand to brand.

Resume Paper

Resume paper is a step up from bright white paper; it is a heavier, more expensive paper that is used for resumes. This is because this paper looks classier, more expensive and stands out more in the stacks. Whether or not you choose to use this paper is up to you; but it also works well for straight black text if you want to print something that will last a bit longer than bright white paper.

Card Paper

Card paper is an even thicker paper that is used to print things like business cards or game cards. It is good for color printing as well as black and white and is far sturdier than bright white paper. Keep in mind that you will need a printer with the right settings for printing cards or you might as well not bother because card paper is smaller than bright white paper and the printer will have to compensate for that.

Matte Paper

Matte paper is usually used for color documents and sometimes for photos. It is hard to smudge and is sturdy paper, but isn?t as vibrant as glossy paper. Matte paper is best used for color work. Matte paper can be a bit pricey, but you get enough that you can do your color work without feeling too guilty about the cost.

Glossy Paper

Glossy paper is best used for photos because you get the same look as a traditional photo but without the development. However, glossy paper is more fragile than matte; it is easy to smudge and damage, so you have the handle the pictures with care. Glossy paper is also some of the most expensive paper and you can usually only get around thirty to fifty sheets, so use it for only your most special photos and take very good care of them.

It?s important to get the right paper for your projects and by extension, your printer. Even if you have the most basic of printers, the right paper can give you top of the line results in printing, so make sure to choose your paper carefully and really it?s a good idea to have at least a bit of each kind in stock because you never know when inspiration or necessity will strike.


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